Benetech's Take: Digital Accessibility -  Are We Nearly There?

September 2023


  • Accessibility

Amnet’s vital webinar series, “Digital Accessibility: Are We Nearly There?” brings you this insightful conversation. In this recording, Oliver Gadsby, president, IPG, discusses the state of digital accessibility with Michael Johnson, VP Content, Benetech.

What to Expect?

  • Exploring the Journey: Discover the steps necessary to provide greater accessibility in the digital publishing landscape. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to enhance your current practices, this webinar provides valuable insights.
  • Understanding Accessibility Impact: Learn about Benetech’s journey in delivering more than 20 million accessible books to support over 1.5 million students. Find out what accessibility truly means for your publishing endeavors, and compare your progress with industry standards.
  • Assessing Your Progress: Determine where you stand in terms of accessibility, and identify areas where you can improve further. Our experts share practical tips and the top five actions you can take to ensure your content is fully accessible.

About the Speakers

Michael Johnson

Vice President Content, Benetech

Michael Johnson is the Vice President Content at Benetech. He excels in blending technology and business strategy to build and deliver products and services that help organizations grow and enhance instruction. Specialties: Public Speaker, Technology, Strategy, M&A, Publishing, and Education

Oliver Gadsby

Managing Director, Gadsby Consulting

Oliver Gadsby comes with decades of experience in publishing, across professional, academic, and educational markets. He is experienced in the digital repositioning of publishing and information businesses, and in mergers and acquisitions. He is President of the Independent Publishers Guild in the UK, and serves as a director and advisory board member to several international publishing and technology companies

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