Born Accessible  from InDesign

August 2022


  • Accessibility

Watch an exclusive webinar in the Graymatter Series by Laura Brady, accessibility and inclusive publishing expert. Learn everything about styles and scripts for accessible conversion using InDesign.

What to Expect from the Webinar?

  • How to create accessible eBook content with Adobe’s InDesign
  • How to use styles to full effect and work the InDesign gears
  • Scripts that help with accessible conversions
  • What must be cleaned up post-EPUB export from InDesign

About the Speaker

Laura Brady

Laura Brady is an inclusive publishing expert whose priority is always to put users first. She has more than 25 years of trade publishing experience, working in digital publishing for the past 15 years, creating and converting eBooks, training publishers on accessible workflows, writing a blog helping developers work more accessibly, and providing consulting services for organizations about how to publish inclusively while taking everyone’s reading experience into account.

Watch the Webinar Video - Born Accessible from InDesign

About the Graymatters

GRAYMATTERS Webinar Series is Amnet’s initiative to bring together diverse voices and perspectives of industry pioneers and leaders to nurture and nourish the publishing ecosystem.